IMC-YY Reaches New Height For PCTC Specialized Repairs


It is a rare and grand view of 6 PCTC vessels under repair at the same time in a shipyard, and this actually happened in January 2013 in Zhoushan IMC-YY Shipyard. With the rich experience for repairing PCTC vessels, IMC-YY innovates and improves its repair and mentainance services continuously according to the requirements of worldwide first-class PCTC owners and managers, and consequently developed Specialized Repair Direction For PCTC. By setting standard for all-round aspects of repairing and mentaining PCTC, the Direction is to satisfy the highly demanding cleanness, as well as PCTC specialised structures and machineries for loading/unloading and carring its cargos. Aiming at “World Best Specialized Repair Shipyard for PCTC”, IMC-YY Shipyard is continuing to improve and render high-quality professional repair services to your PCTC.



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