IMC-YY in Norway China Business Summit


Norway China Business Summit of 2017 was held in Beijing on April 7. Around 300 representatives from over 130 Norwegian leading enterprises in the industry took part in the summit. At the same time, an excess of 700 outstanding representatives from Chinese enterprises also participated in the summit. The Summit has launched a broad, open and effective exchange, discussion and sharing on seven forums titled Creating sustainable solutions for a better future in respect of Oil & Gas, Green Smart city, Seafood, Ship Industry, Startup and Innovation, etc. During the summit, about 30 enterprises from China and Norway signed agreements in the witness of Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Minister of Foreign Affairs and etc..

Zhoushan IMC-Yongyue Shipyard and Engineering Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of cooperation agreement with Oceansaver AS, the world's leading provider of solutions and equipment for marine BWTS at this summit, charting a new future for Zhoushan Marine Industry.



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