IMC-YY Put a Perfect End to the Conversion of Shortening Project on MV. CSL RELIANCE


On the morning of April 16, "CSL RELIANCE", the self-unloading bulk carrier, eased away from the berth of IMC-YY slowly, which marks the successful completion of the conversion of shorten project (shortened 4.25m). 

Since receiving the inquiry, all departments of IMC-YY established a cooperation team as the result of a true collaboration, from business to technology, from project plan to project implementation with one principle runs through it all to achieve the best, including every tiny detail and a variety of precautions of the conversion.

In order to avoid any large deviation caused by normal procedure, total station instrument and laser leveler has been applied to the ship while she is in dock. As result, a deviation less than 5mm between the two 32m*17m annular cutting lines is achieved. And a comprehensive semi-auto cutter has been used to molding the undercut of the annular cutting lines at first attempt, so the gap of the annular joint line has been limited within 12mm, while misalignment is less than 5mm, which completely matched the technological requirements. During whole welding and process, the total station has been maintained to monitor deviation of the middle line, and finally the deviation of the middle line of fore and aft is only 2mm.

After completing the conversion, IMC-YY receives affirmation and appreciation from customers, as well as valuable experience for conversion of shorten project.


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