First VLCC Scrubber Retrofitting Completed by IMC-YY


On 15th October, VLCC “MARAN CLEO” sailed from IMC-YY with all dd/repairs items completed including the Sox scrubber retrofit in 32 days.


This is the first time for IMC-YY to carry out the Sox scrubber retrofit, also the first VLCC to carry out scrubber retrofit in the worldwide. According to the IMO’s new regulation, a global 0.5% Sox cap will apply worldwide from 2020, also considering the shortage supply of low Sulphur oil in the market, many ship owners are planning to carry out Scrubber retrofitting in the next two years.

For the further Sox scrubber retrofitting projects, our yard will draw on experiences and continue to optimize the construction plan, keep improving the related technology to shorten the repair period, finally win more benefits for our customers in the shipping market.


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